Who We Are

KōN Artisan Ice Cream is Saskatchewan’s premier handcrafted, small batch, Ice cream shop!

We make old fashioned ice cream the way it’s supposed to be made, in small batches using cream, milk, high quality ingredients, made in house. Following in the footsteps of small town creameries making ice cream the traditional way.

From our ice cream to our Artisan cookies and our Italian coffees we try to emphasize ” different and better” than anything you’ve had before.

How We Got Here

It all started with a friend who reminisced about missing the old fashioned ice cream that the award winning Souris Valley Creamery, and the Grundeen Family had provided us when we were growing up. The goal was to make the same ice cream, with the same emphasis on quality that they had made famous.

Now that the seed had been planted the goal was to learn as much as we could about making ice cream. First step was to take an ice cream course at Guelph University Dairy Science Department. Then going to seminars, studying and learning as much about ice cream as we could, and in the last year taking a gelato course from the famous Carpagiani University in Bologna Italy.

Our Love For Food

The Inspiration

A lifelong love affair with food sent me on a journey to make something memorable, and create it in my hometown.
Hand made, carefully picked ingredients for incredible flavor.

We bake fresh every day to ensure that the products going into our ice cream are as special as the ice cream itself. Our cookies are one of a kind and we know you’ll really like them. We want you to find items in our store that you won’t find anywhere else in
town and in many cases just anywhere else.

Make it a memorable experience

One of the goals of the ice cream shop was to create an inviting experience and to spare no expense when building the shop.
Creating an inviting spot in downtown Estevan, hoping to attract people from all over the area, we took a heritage building from 1912 and brought it to its former glory.

When you see the inviting exterior to the updated interior with touches from the past, we restored the glory of the old ceiling to its original form, we aimed for a one of a kind experience.

From the atmosphere to the staff we strive to provide you with hospitality that makes you feel welcomed from the minute you enter the door. We set out to give our customers a meaningful memorable experience just for them.

So come on in, experience the ice cream that we know will leave you wanting to come back again and again.

What We Do

Our specialty is old fashioned premium and super-premium ice cream. We start with cream, milk, sugar and skim milk and a lot of passion to make our base that is the foundation of all of our ice creams. Ice cream is simple when using premium ingredients, so the higher the fat content of the ice cream the lower the sugar needed and less artificial ingredients. Some of our ice creams have as much as 20% less sugar than the desserts you get at the grocery store. We use real fruit in our fruit based ice creams and bake most of our inclusions that we add to the ice cream. When we started our goal was to find the best of everything and that included making our own signature waffle cones using our secret recipe. Our baking includes our Kon Artisan Cookies as well as brownies, butter cake and blondies.
Our cookies are, as a friend said “Seriously Decadent”, light and tender, using secret ingredients, slightly chilled for an irresistibly gooey, slightly underbaked center. They are baked one cookie sheet at a time in the center of the oven. Homemade, hand formed, truly decadent, and only for those you really love. The brownie and blondie recipes were handed down to us by a friend who spent decades baking all over the world. We make our own caramel, honeycomb, and various other inclusions that go into our ice cream. Now you know our story and we hope you enjoy the taste of our ice creams as much as we enjoy making them.

-The Kōn Team